Monday, August 2, 2010

Simple Slideshow Engages Visitors

Dana Levin's website,, has many of the same features we've discussed in previous weeks:  a design that complements the work, simple navigation, multiple gallery pages, coming events, and information on buy the artist's work.

But designing the "home page" - the first thing a visitor sees - is always a challenge.  You got one chance to engage the visitor and draw him into the site.   Dana's site uses a very simple slideshow, consisting of five images shown in rotation, to show multiple examples of her work.

There's nothing fancy or high-tech about Dana's approach...  a bit of Javascript changes the image every two seconds.  But it adds interest to the home page and gives the visitor a better taste for Dana's work than an single image could.

Visit Dana's site and enjoy her "Contemporary Realism" paintings.

In future weeks, we'd like to present "must visit" resource sites for artists. Please Suggest a Site!

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