Monday, June 28, 2010

Art Group Website: the Boulder Potters Guild

The challenge for art groups is to develop a website that represents the group to the general public, and also provides services to members.

The Boulder Potters' Guild is a good example of striking that balance with their website,

This attractive website provides information about the Guild, its facilities, upcoming events, sales, workshops and and classes. (There's a What's New link right on the home page.)

It also provides gallery pages where member artists can post short bios and photos of their work, and a separate member login area where members can get additional information not available to the general public.

A well-designed and useful art group website such as this is within the resources and abilities of many art groups.  It's a major benefit of membership in the group!

For another good example of an art group website, visit the Orchard Valley Ceramic Arts Guild at  (Disclosure:  I am a member of this group.)

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