Monday, July 5, 2010

Art Sites Don't Have to be Black or Gray!

I noticed that in the first few weeks of this blog, the sites selected to showcase had plain dark backgrounds...  so this week we're going to look at a colorful site, where the background image, icons, and even type faces reflect the artist's theme.

Bill Owen calls himself The Cowboy Artist, and his work - sculptures, lithographs and prints - features scenes of the West.  His website,, uses one of Bill's paintings as a backdrop, and features several images of his work on the home page.

Like other artist sites we've featured, Bill's extensive site features consistent navigation, making it easy for visitors to see and purchase his work, and to learn more about his background. The Events page is up-to-date and lists current and upcoming shows.

The site also features a small but fun touch - several of Bill's working "brands" are displayed, with notes on each.

This is a great example of a site that is creative, looks good, complements the artists work, and does not sacrifice usability!

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