Monday, July 19, 2010

This Week It's Back to Black...

... with the website of Eric Armusik - Some of the sites we've featured in the past used a black (or dark gray) background to highlight the artwork. In the case of Armusik's site, the dark background seems to be chosen for dramatic effect.

From the striking photo of the artist, to the video on the front page, to the announcement of a featured event (at the time of this posting, an upcoming Marathon Portrait Weekend), the site is strongly focused on promotion. There are also prominent links to the artist's pages on FaceBook, MySpace, Twitter, and WordPress.

Like other sites we've discussed, this site features clear and consistent navigational menus. Major headings lead to galleries of the artist's work (modern representational art), information about the artist, and opportunities to buy and commission paintings or sign up for workshops.

Rather than creating a passive "portfolio" site, Eric Armusik clearly understands how to use the web as an effective marketing and promotional tool.

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