Monday, November 15, 2010

Ambitious project seeks to create virtual museum

Visit the site:
The Museum Syndicate website is not an artist website per se.  Rather, it is an online gallery displaying the works of almost a thousand artists.  The goal of the site is to "provide an archive of the world's artistic works and historical artifacts in a single online environment."

Given this huge goal, the current collection of 47,521 works is barely scratching the surface.  Still, its interested (and fun) seeing the works of so many great artists.  The works can be sorted by artist, country, museum, or "tag."

I was somewhat disappointed that the tags do not identify major movements or styles of art...  for example, you can view "impressionist" paintings.  Still, that's a minor quibble about what is otherwise a useful and fascinating resource.

The creator of the site, Jonathan Dunder, accepts contributions from living artists as well.  His contact information is provided on the website.

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