Monday, November 8, 2010

Pennsylvania Guild Crafts a Nice Website

The recently updated website of the Pennsylvania Guild of Craftsmen ( is a good example of a website for a guild or group.

The site is cleanly designed and easy to navigate.  It's got all the expected features of a modern website (tie-ins to social networking pages, e-mail list signup, calendar of coming events), without being flashy.

In its current form, the site does a great job of serving the needs to visitors and the general public.

There seem to be many more pages and features planned in the Member Resources area; we look forward to seeing the site when these are complete.

For sites that do a good job of providing services to their members, see our post on the Boulder Potters Guild and Orchard Valley Ceramic Arts Guild, in June 2010).


  1. So glad to hear such a wonderful review. The Pennsylvania Guild of Craftsmen was wonderful to work with!

  2. thanks for the review! We appreciate it very much.